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Carpet Cleaning Sydney

Carpet Cleaning Services in Sydney: We Make Your Carpet Look Like New Again!

A clean carpet will always maintain a hygienic environment. There are so many benefits when it comes to carpet cleaning. 247 Carpet Cleaning can help you with quality carpet cleaning services in Sydney. Our team has all the updated cleaning techniques and equipment. You will receive the best carpet cleaning services from us. Our teams are well-trained and ready to make your carpets look new again. Hence, we can deal with all types of carpet problems.

Also, hire us for the best carpet cleaning services in Sydney. We are your standard local carpet cleaner who can help you deal with daily carpet problems. We can get rid of stains, and provide the right treatment and protection for your carpets. Our team can deliver exceptional carpet cleaning services every time. Hence, we make sure that our clients are happy with our professional carpet cleaner Sydney.

Moreover, if you are tired of dusty and old-looking carpets it’s time to turn to professional carpet cleaning with us. As we know carpets are subjected to high foot traffic. And dust gets accumulated deep inside the fibers. Therefore, regular cleaning will only remove surface dust. For thorough cleaning, choose our carpet cleaning services today. We also provide same-day carpet cleaning services near you. Call us today for bookings and queries on ☎ (02) 5950 6266.

Domestic and Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services We Offer

There are a variety of carpet cleaning methods available. And every method is effective and suitable for different types of carpets. It all comes down to the customer’s preferences and requirements. Moreover, we also provide end-of-lease carpet cleaning services. Hence, we deliver affordable carpet cleaning services here in Sydney. Here is the list of types of commercial and residential carpet cleaning services we offer.


Carpet Steam Cleaning Service

The steam cleaning method is used for the deep cleaning of carpets. It requires more water and heavy equipment. Firstly, steam cleaning can kill all types of germs and mites. It also reduces the growth of mold. Hence, steam carpet cleaning in Sydney is the top choice among our customers.


Carpet Dry Cleaning Service

The dry cleaning method is quick and effective at the same time. It requires less water and this saves the drying time. Dry cleaning is usually used for delicate carpets. For example, silk carpets. Hence, contact our team to book carpet dry cleaning services.


Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing is also used to deep clean the carpets. Firstly, a shampoo solution is filled inside the carpet cleaning machine. Then the brush of the machine cleans the carpet thoroughly. This method is very effective and will keep your carpets germ free. Call us to experience cheap carpet cleaning Sydney services.


Carpet Hot Water Extraction

We make sure to use only the best carpet cleaning method. One of them is the carpet hot water extraction method. Steam water is pumped inside the carpet fibers. This will help all the dirt to dissolve. Later on, the carpets are rinsed thoroughly. We are using powerful hot water extraction machines.


Carpet Odour Removal Service

Bad odors from carpets can be disappointing. Odors come from rotten stains and molds on the carpets. This creates a very unhygienic environment in your home. Hence, We have the best methods to get rid of the odor and we will leave your carpets looking the finest.


Carpet Flea Treatment

Are you in search of carpet flea treatments in Sydney? We are the best choice for this. Our team has been working in carpet cleaning for years. And hence, they are the right people to contact for carpet cleaning Sydney services.


Carpet Mould Removal

Are you tired of molds developing on your carpets? We have the best carpet mold removal experts in Sydney. Mold growth occurs due to moisture and dirt. And this happens at the root of the carpet fibers. Our services are safe for all types of carpets. Hence, contact us for Persian carpet and rug cleaning services in Sydney.


Rug Cleaning Sydney

Rugs are no different from carpets. They undergo similar foot traffic and develop stains easily. Hence, we have amazing rug Cleaning Sydney services. Our services are suitable for all types of rugs. Hence, leave your worries and book an appointment with us today.

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning Is So Important

Professional carpet cleaning is an important part of healthy living. Hiring professional carpet cleaning companies rather than DIY-ing yourself can be beneficial for you. On the dirty carpet, harmful allergens thrive, causing you to become ill and spreading allergies. Whereas, hiring a professional Sydney carpet cleaner to clean your carpet can help you in many ways such as:

  • Professionals have the best knowledge and expertise to clean carpets
  • They use advanced technologies to offer quick carpet cleaning
  • Professional carpet cleaning prices are low and affordable
  • Experts can easily remove mold on the carpet using fabric-friendly solutions
  • You can avail of peace of mind after receiving a fresh and good-smelling carpet by professionals.


Our Most-Called Carpet Cleaning Services In Sydney

Our same-day carpet cleaning Sydney team offers expert cleaning services to both commercial and residential areas of Sydney. There is no carpet cleaning issue that our local carpet cleaners can not resolve for you. For instance, if your carpet is dirty and you wish to go for an affordable carpet cleaning option, we suggest our carpet steam cleaning. And if you do not wish for too much water use, we provide a quick carpet drying service.

Carpet Repair Service in Sydney

Get top-quality carpet repair services in Sydney. Carpets do get dirty due to high foot traffic. Along with that, carpets also undergo furniture traffic. And this causes damage to carpets. For example, ripples, waves, bumps, bubbles, holes, burns, and others. Our Sydney team has a solution for all the carpet damage.

  • Pet damaged carpet repair services
  • Carpet burn repair services 
  • Carpet restretching Sydney
  • Carpet steam repairs for frays 
  • Carpet stretching, hole, and patch repair 
  • Carpet fixing services for joints and split

Carpet Restoration Service

Revive your carpets using our carpet restoration Sydney services. We have great and affordable services that you can trust. Also, our carpet restoration specialists are well trained and experienced. We will use top-notch cleaning methods to make your carpets look better. And we make sure that your carpets are not damaged or discolored by our cleaning solutions. Our restoration carpet cleaning techniques are the ultimate solution for your carpets and rugs.

  • Carpet steam cleaning services
  • Professional stain treatments
  • Carpet water damage in Sydney
  • Best carpet restoration services in Sydney

Carpet Cleaning Since 1990: We Are Sydney’s Leading and Award-Winning Carpet Cleaner Professionals

We are proud of our excellent carpet cleaners in Sydney. They can deliver the best carpet cleaning results for your carpets. We have a team of professional staff who are well-mannered also they deliver reliable professional carpet cleaning services every time. We have all round-the-clock consultations and quotations available. Moreover, you get the best and most affordable carpet cleaning services as well our team will always turn up on time and deliver affordable carpet cleaning services without degrading the standard quality.

Know More About Us

Carpet Stain Removal: We Remove All Forms of Carpet Stains

Are you tired of cleaning stains from your carpets? Our carpet cleaning team is stain removal experts. We are capable of removing almost all types of stains. Even if the carpet is clean and dust-free, the stains and spills make them look ugly. But do not worry, we can help you variety of carpet stain removal in Sydney.  At 247 carpet cleaning, we have the best stain removal methods and Professional Tips To Remove Stains From Your Carpet. We also provide commercial carpet cleaning services in Sydney. Contact us today for stain removal services.

Urine Stain Removal


Wine Stain Removal


Blood Stain Removal


Food Stain Removal


Vomit Stain Removal


Ink Stain Removal


Paint Stain Removal


Coffee Stain Removal

Coffee and many more.

Office and Home Carpet Scotchgard Protection Service In Sydney

Our carpet protection treatment will keep away all the stains, spills, dirt, and all types of debris that form a mess on carpets. Carpet Stain Protection means full prevention of dust, and dirt on the carpet surface, irrespective of the source. In our carpet Scotchgard service, we apply a coating of protectors to increase the life of your carpet. Carpet fabric protection remains for months and may last up to a year depending on the place traffic your carpet receives.

Carpet Cleaning Process That Gives Best Results

The procedure at 247 Carpet Cleaning Sydney is special and our local carpet cleaners are trained for this service. Check out the steps we follow in our carpet cleaning process below:

  • Inspect your carpet thoroughly
  • Vacuuming and dusting
  • Applying steam to the carpet
  • Use shampoo, conditioners, and detergent on the carpet
  • Treat all the normal to tough carpet stains
  • Remove the remaining spots and patches safely
  • We ensure cleaning soiled sections is very precarious
  • Residual cleaning and drying the carpet
  • Re-inspection for any issues
  • Deodorize and sanitize the carpet

End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning Service In Sydney

End of rental forms issues relating to carpet’s condition and cleanings. To protect yourself from giving the money for a new carpet, you can instead call us for an end-of-lease carpet cleaning service. Undoubtedly, our same-day carpet cleaning experts will reach your place for quick service. Also, you need not worry about end-of-lease carpet cleaning costs, as we offer reasonable services. Moreover, we are always active to help you in all areas of Sydney. You can even customize the end-of-lease carpet cleaning plan as per your budget. And we promise to give you a perfectly cleaned carpet.

Same-Day Emergency Carpet Cleaning Open In Sydney

Dirt slowly builds upon the surface of carpets and its condition gets worse when staining and spills happen. Our carpet cleaning experts make sure to provide quick support to people for all carpet cleaning needs. We work on the same-day service principle which means you will surely receive carpet cleaning service within 24 hours of a confirmed appointment. In general, we ensure offering service with 1 hour of booking confirmation. In addition to this, you may require emergency cleaning for your carpet due to many factors. It can be an after-party carpet cleaning, guests coming over, or the end of the tenancy. In such cases too, we become your true friend to help you with effective emergency carpet cleaning services.

Our True Value Carpet Cleaning Service in Sydney and Surroundings

Sydney Western Suburbs, Sydney Northern Suburbs, North Sydney, Central Sydney Cbd, Parramatta, Blacktown, Campbelltown, Castle Hill, Penrith, Hornsby, Mosman, Maroubra, And, Carpet Cleaning Inner West Sydney.

Our carpet cleaning services are available to all citizens of Sydney. We make sure that we reach every corner of Sydney. Whether it is a commercial carpet cleaning service or a residential area. Our carpet cleaning Sydney team will be available for you. We try to include all the surrounding areas of Sydney as well. Like Sydney western suburbs, North Sydney, Central Sydney CBD, Sydney northern suburbs, and carpet cleaning inner west Sydney. 

Some other suburbs that we are available at are – Blacktown, Campbelltown, Castle Hill, Penrith, Hornsby, Mosman, Maroubra, and more. Hence, you can contact us to check if we are available in your area.

#1 Sydney Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Service on Your Fingertips

At 247 carpet cleaning, you enjoy many benefits of carpet cleaning services. As we are an expert team of professionals, we are advantageous to hire. Now get Sydney carpet cleaning restoration services quickly. As you are just a call away from clean and damage-free carpets.

  • We will provide odor-free carpets 
  • You can enjoy clean, distinct, and fresh-smelling carpets in no time.
  • All the damages like water damage will be treated by our professionals.
  • Moreover, our services are safe and sound for kids and pets.
  • Improve the impression of your home today with our carpet cleaning Sydney services.

Persian Carpet and Rug Cleaning Services in Sydney

We are a Sydney-based carpet and rug cleaning company. We have the best cleaning specialists on our team. We offer all types of carpet and rug cleaning services. And we have special expertise when it comes to Persian carpets and rugs. You will experience the highest standard Persian carpet and rug cleaning. Our services will deep clean your Persian rugs without causing any damage. It will retire the color, quality, and look of your carpets. Therefore, contact us today for professional carpet cleaning Sydney services.

Carpet Cleaning Services Sydney

Why Wonder We Are The Best Choice For Carpet Cleaning Sydney Services?

Searching for home carpet cleaners to give you a precise and safe cleaning service in Sydney? Our emergency carpet cleaning Sydney team can be your prime choice for all your carpet cleaning requirements. The reasons that make us the best are:

  • We have professional cleaning experts who will immediately analyze the problem, check needs, and offer the right carpet cleaning solution.
  • Our specialists receive regular training and offer advanced carpet cleaning services.
  • Our local Sydney carpet cleaner use tested tools and methods that are safe for carpet fabric, you, and your property.
  • We are trusted by our clients not to harm the carpet fibers during any carpet cleaning.
  • You get to enjoy our professional carpet cleaning solutions at affordable prices.
  • Our all-time availability, fast-responsive and friendly staff is always happy to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions
For 24*7 Carpet Cleaning Sydney

Yes. We can. Moreover, many carpets are prone to bad smells. Secondly, our experts have years of experience and therefore they can easily spot the fibers that are causing the smell of the carpet. Therefore, we effectively take measures to offer reliable carpet deodorization for you.

The time to clean carpets varies and it depends on the degree of how much the carpet needs cleaning, the amount of dirt and dust accumulation, and how harsh are the stains. Additionally, It can take up to an hour. Moreover, we like to clean your carpet as quickly as possible, to save your time.

No. Steaming will not damage your carpet at all. Moreover, it will ensure the removal of dirt and dust. As well as bacteria and other allergens from your carpet. Plus, it gets rid of molds on your carpet for you. It is the most effective and best carpet cleaning method.

Getting your carpets cleaned professionally has various benefits. It increases the lifespan of your carpets. It even removes carpet stains and keeps them looking fresh for a long time. Moreover, it will maintain a healthy and allergen-free environment in your home. Hence, it is worth getting your carpets cleaned professionally.

Over time, carpet fibres become frayed. And they start looking old and ugly. Firstly, a carpet is expected to last for about 6-12 years. But the average period to replace would be 10 years. Look for signs such as extreme wear and tear. Then only start considering getting your carpets replaced.

Yes, our carpet cleaners are available during the weekends as well. You can make prior bookings to make sure our team will be available at your required time. Our customer care service is available all round the clock. Hence, you can call us for such queries.

The carpet cleaning cost depends on various factors – the type of carpets, size of the carpets, the severity of the condition, types of damage and other such factors. It also depends on the type of carpet cleaning service you use. Hence, you can discuss with our team for exact pricing. We do not work for less than $120. You may have to pay around $250 for carpet cleaning in one room.


Excellent and fast service

I called your team for my carpet stain removal work. The staff was really cooperative and understood my requirements. I was scared at first that my carpets might lose their colour. But after the cleaning, my carpets looked literally new and clean.

Joshua, Sydney

Always my first choice

I called your team for odour removal and sanitisation. I always trust your services when it comes to my carpets and rugs. The results are accurate every time and the carpets smell so good after the cleaning session.

Karl, Sydney

Very polite and helpful staff

I called your team for carpet steam cleaning. Your carpet cleaners were really understanding. They explained the whole process and the results were excellent. I would definitely recommend your services.

Jack, Sydney

My carpets look sparkling clean!

I was wondering about stains on my carpet. I’m still amazed that my carpets are stain free. I thought of getting it replaced but that was too expensive. My carpets are clean now and that too at an affordable price.

Hudson, Sydney

Highly recommended!

I had heard a lot about your carpet cleaning services. But I was hesitant at first. But after one experience, I recommend your services to everyone like my family and neighbours. Great work!

Patrick chelsea, Sydney


Best Sydney Team

By far the best carpet cleaning company I have come across in Sydney.
- Hudson

Highly Reliable Service

Awesome work, knowledgeable professionals and highly reliable service.
- Hudson

Trustable Team

Completely amazed by your carpet cleaning services and can be definitely trusted.
- Patrick chelsea

Satisfying Services

Absolutely satisfied with your carpet cleaning services. You people are humble and affordable.
- Jack

Affordable And High-Quality

Your services are really affordable considering the quality service you provide.
- Jack

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